1 November 2020

St. Martin’s Day

The story of St Martin's Day

According to the legend, St. Martin served as a soldier of the Roman emperor in the French city of Amiens when he gave half of his warm cloak to a beggar on a cold winter evening. That night Jesus appeared in his dream in the form of a beggar. From then on, a turning point came in Martin's life: he was in the service of God. Legends of his goodness have been circulating throughout his life and the humble missionary was to be ordained a bishop. According to the legend, when he heard the news of this, Martin hid from the delegates coming for him in the geese’s barn. However, the birds were beating their wings and made a huge noise with their gaggling, thus giving away Martin's hiding place. Eventually, Martin was ordained a bishop in 371 and helped those in need until his death in 398 in Tours. 

Since ancient times November 11 has been the start of the winter quarter in calendars, when a big eating and drinking was organized: they put the new wine on the table, ate, drank and emptied their glasses to bring good harvest for next year as well.

St Martin’s Day - Visegrád joust and goose feast

The Renaissance Restaurant in Visegrád organizes its Martin's Day events this year as well, which has become a real tradition these days.   Guests can get acquainted with the exciting world of the Middle Ages: on 7 and 14 November 2020, they can watch an unparalleled knightly tournament show and then experience what a goose feast means in Visegrád.


St Martin New Wine Festival and Goose Feast 2020 Szentendre

In addition to the folk customs of St. Martin's Day the figure of St. Hubert comes to life at the Martin's Day festival at the Skanzen in Szentendre. This year the museum is also connected to the November 3rd holiday of the hunter’s patron saint - it hosts falconers, hunters and fishermen. At the Skanzen Restaurant, Martin’s Day goose dishes and wine from family wineries await visitors. Autumn farewell concerts, stilt-walkers, tales and a dance house add color to the program.


Everyone is welcome to Gesztenyés Kert for St Martin’s Day 

With the passing of summer come the Goose Days. Everyone is welcome to Gesztenyés Kert for the Martin's Day Goose Days between 13-15 of November 2020.



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