3 December 2020

Preserving our mental and physical health

Preserving our mental health

Online performance by Ferenc Pál on the 1st of December, 2020

Satisfied with life - Desires, goals, struggles

Ferenc Pál priest, mental health professional and one of the best performers we have ever heard. He raises issues that concern most of us and is able to illuminate complex contexts in simple words and make them not only understandable but relivable. Cheap, commonplace explanations are never enough - if he starts dealing with something, he digs deep into it.He has great personal charm, so it’s not uncommon for many to want to hug him or just hold his hand after his performances.Above all, he could even earn his living as a stand-up comedian, he has such a sensational humor.

His current presentation focuses on the question of whether we can really love life in spite of all our justifiable injuries, pain and deficiencies.To not just endure, but to enjoy and accept what is given, even if we don’t get everything we desire? What is the secret of those who, even at the end of their lives burdened with losses and tragedies are able to sincerely say: it was worth it?Who won’t be miserable even with their unsolvable problems or deficiencies? Is it possible to learn this secret from them? If so, how? Ferenc Pál seeks answers to these questions in his usual experiential style.


What helps you get through life’s unsolvable situations?– Ferenc Pál's online presentation on the 2nd of December, 2020

source: nyitottakadémia.hu

Preserving our physical health 

It is often said “healthy body, healthy soul”. Maintaining our physical health and physical condition is extremely important, especially during the winter when a more modest vitamin intake is available.

In the current situation, indoor sports are not recommended and are not possible, however after choosing the right clothing, outdoor activities are beneficial for everyone.

  1. Running – cross country running in forests, fields

The natural environment gives a more pleasant experience than running on any well-built track. It is much more relieving to run or cycle in the forest or the countryside - we can gain strength when encountering nature.We can feel and smell the land and plants, we can see small animals and insects near the ground, we can enjoy the color and diversity of the trees and bushes.The track also has an advantage, they create the perfect surface for the venue of competitions - thus our joints and muscles are protected. For amateur walkers and runners, we recommend to run in the open air, preferably in a natural landscape.

  1. Outdoor fitness parks

It is very promising that in recent years many public fitness parks have been built in Budapest. These are extremely useful because they don’t cost money and they can be used outside on the fresh air instead of going to indoor gyms.Although the winter season and cold weather are approaching, these parks are great to use if we are well-dressed. We looked at some parks in the capital in order to maintain your muscles.

Here are eight outdoor fitness parks where you can work out during the winter

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