1 February 2021

Hello city game application

The city exploration game application, currently available in 4 cities (Balatonfüred, Siófok, Szentendre and Pécs), is recommended for all those who like city walks, like to play, but do not want to adjust to others. The Hello City application can easily be downloaded to your phone and you can even play it virtually, from your home, sitting on the couch, exploring the beautiful settlements and learning about their history.

Throughout the game, there are only a couple of tasks when e.g. you need to read off a number from a plaque, however, you can do this from home - click on the ? and ask for help. The third help is already the solution, which can then be easily entered.

Operation of the game

The program starts in the central part of the given settlement and after solving the first task we receive the next spot to go to and so on until the end of the game.  At each location the solution of the game takes you to the next spot. If you just want to play, the app will take you around the historic quarter, along the various attractions, by sending more tasks and asking quiz questions. If you want to get acquainted with interesting anecdotes and stories about the city, we strongly recommend clicking on Info (upper right-hand corner), because here you can read interesting stories and information about the city.

For two players, it’s enough to download on one phone, should there be more players, it’s worth downloading the app for every second/third person. But it’s up to you, if there are five players and you’re all looking at the tasks on the same phone, it’s not a problem either.

You can't get stuck, because if you can't solve a task, you can ask for help in the app (by clicking on the ?), 3 pieces per task.

It’s worth clicking on Info on each page, because you can read various interesting facts and old stories about the given city.

The price of the game is 1,450 HUF



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