3 June 2021

National Blue Trail route / part VI

At this stage, the National Blue Trail finally immerses itself in the world of the vast forests of the Bakony. After the pie-like but panoramic heights of Kab Hill, we descend into Earth's historical past as we cross the once buried gorge of the Úrkút primeval karst.

The Bakony is our most extensive mid-mountain range. Nevertheless, as we will see from the lookout point of Kab Hill and from many points along the way, it is characterized by slopes and hills. Forest ridges and more or less inhabited basins alternate. The vast forests are mostly under intensive utilization, but we touch countless charming valleys, friendly clearings, wide panoramic viewpoints during our Bakony trek.

On this route we hike on relatively sloping terrain, roughly all the way is through forests. Initially, we climb the almost 600-meter-high cone of Kab Hill. Here we can see the first (or last in the opposite direction) view of the Bakony region: the image of huge forests and low heights unfold before us. Descending to Úrkút, we can see a real rarity on the outskirts of the settlement: the "Jurassic Park in Úrkút", ie the Csárda-hill prehistoric karst is a remnant of a medieval karst area discovered by mining. Finally, we approach the settlement of Városlőd in a valley hiding a chain of clearings.


• In Nagyvázsony it is worth visiting the Kinizsi Castle.

• The Kéktúra Restaurant awaits hikers in Úrkút.

• Be sure to take the time to visit the primeval karst in Úrkút: information boards help you understand the traces of the history of Earth

• After the tour you can relax in Kislőd in the Sobri Jóska Adventure Park

Route lengths from stamp to stamp (in kilometers)

Nagyvázsony 9.6 Kab Hill 5.6 Úrkút 7.4 Városlőd

Recommended intermediate embarkation and disembarkation points along the route

  Úrkút (OKTPH-37): Úrkút, mining bus stop

Distance: 22.6 km

Travel time: 6 hours 30 minutes

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