2 July 2021

Beaches in Budapest and in the countryside

After a chilly spring, summer has finally arrived and the heat can only be imagined on the beach.Choose from our beach recommendations and cool down in Budapest and its surroundings.

Paskál beach 

The development of the youngest beach in Budapest, the Paskál Spa and Bath, was realized in 2016.  Since then, the bath welcomes its guests to relax all year round. The spa has been expanded with several indoor pools, saunas and changing rooms. Following the development, several medical services became available for recovery and in the following years, the spa gradually developed.The beach area has a total of 8 pools available all year round, 3 saunas and a steam room. Massages help guests relax, and additionally several medical services are available (mud bath, underwater massage therapy, carbonated bath), which have beneficial effects against various diseases.  There are 4 outdoor pools, a drink bar and sports courts (football tennis, fitness park, beach volleyball and playground).  There are swimming lessons for both children and adults, and children can also attend summer camps.For more information check the website below:


Csillaghegy beach and swimming pool

At the foot of the Buda hillside, in a fabulous and varied terrain environment summer, sunshine and nature awaits you, where the past blends with the present.  The beach is the largest and second oldest beach in Buda, located on a landscaped area of ​​90,468 m2, which is excellent for sunbathing and relaxation. The needs of hikers are met by the ancient wooded promenades. The beach’s 100-year-old history hides rare treasures that have left their mark in the present.

The spa gained its present form in 2000, when all its pools were equipped with a water filter-rotator. Currently, on the first level of the spa built on the hillside, there is a swimming pool and a beach pool, a level higher there is a paddling pool and sunbathing area. The hotel and restaurant building belonging to the spa currently continue to operate with other functions.Csillaghegy beach awaits its guests with year-round and seasonal services. Pools, saunas, a salt bath, a gym, a relaxation area, wellness pools, children’s pools and slides are available, while those wishing to relax can choose from several massages.Seasonal facilities include a classic beach pool, swimming pool and children’s pool. In addition to the water facilities, there is also a fitness park and playground, as well as VIP sun loungers equipped with sunbeds and beach umbrellas.Check the below link for more information:



If you prefer natural water, we recommend D-Beach in Domony and the Postás beach in Szentendre, both of them within an hour’s drive from the city.

Domonyvölgy Lake - D-Beach

Passing Gödöllő and Máriabesnyő, turning towards Domonyvölgy and Lázár Equestrian Park, we only have to follow a sandy street to get to the beach, which you can only find if you are specifically looking for it. The sandy beach can be reached from Budapest by car in about 30-40 minutes or by a one-hour bus ride from Örs vezér tér.D-Beach Kft. was established in the spring of 2005. The goal was to create a high-quality, civilized natural park with 14,000 square meters of sandy beach, beach volleyball and beach soccer fields for the local and national championships.The beach and the leisure park are special and unique, the shoreline evokes a seaside atmosphere to which nothing similar can be found in the 30-kilometer agglomeration of ​​Budapest.  The installation of a stage is of significant importance where summer concert series are planned. The possibilities of D-Beach are expanded by the offers of the neighboring Lázár Equestrian Park, providing programs as one of the largest equestrian and coach driving centers in the country.  The former military training track is less than five kilometers from D-Beach, which is an excellent venue for offroad and quad races.

Postás beach in Szentendre

The closest to Budapest is the Postás beach in Szentendre, which is easily accessible by public transport.  You can paddle in the shallow water or build a sand castle, as it has a sandy shore. There is a dressing room and shower on the beach.Services include a football and tennis court for lovers of active recreation, the playground set up on the beach makes it ideal for families with small children and there is also a designated dog-friendly beach area.

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