25 September 2019

Renewed lobby in Bank Center

Since Bank Center opened more than two decades ago in 1996, the benefits of location and premium quality services to Tenants have been accompanied by significant technical developments that kept the building state-of-the-art providing increasing comfort level to the Tenants. 

BCN: If you could only highlight one of the improvements you made in the past, which one would you consider most important?

GSZG: In fact, I think the most important is that the owner of the building is partner from the very beginning ensuring that beyond the regulatory requirements of the construction industry, we have developments that allow us to remain competitive with the office buildings nowadays.

BCN: What are the general tenant requirements today and are there any special expectations? 

GSZG: Regarding expectations from the construction and regulatory side, I would highlight the energy use and environmental aspects - the investments made along these lines not only satisfy our Tenants’ need for environmental awareness, but they also bring significant savings increasing comfort level.

BCN: For someone who hasn’t been at Bank Center for a long time the first and most striking is the ground floor of the building, which is significantly different.  

GSZG: In addition to technical developments such as mechanical equipment upgrades, we also perform aesthetic and functional transformations. In the lobby, our aim was to create a more welcoming lounge area. In the first phase of the development, we opened up the space nearly ten years ago designing a central reception instead of four separate front desks. In the second phase, with a wall restructuring the Ferrari showroom became part of the ground floor lobby. As a continuation of the concept, with additional wall restructuring the café’s retail space was enlarged towards the atrium transforming the Bank Center lobby into a lively community space for Tenants and visitors to enjoy.

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