3 July 2022

National Blue Trail route / part XIX

distance 59.9 km; journey time 18 hours 00 minutes

Between the Börzsöny and the Mátra, the Blue Trail guides you to a region with milder terrain: the western part of Cserhát is a hilly landscape. Significant elevation can only be found at the Naszály, apart from this our path leads us through low ridges and small valleys.

From Nógrád we climb the Nagy-Kő-Mountain, from where we can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the Danube Bend and the Visegrád Mountains, as well as the wild forests of the High-Börzsöny. Here we cross over to the region of Cserhát. We reach the high elevation of the Naszály. Leaving the Naszály, we arrive to a real Cserhát region: we cut through low hills and visit the small villages in the valleys. The settlements have suffered in the recent decades as there is no more mining or processing of extracted materials and the people leave the languishing villages.

The forested hills, the sight of long rows of slopes, and the somewhat neglected villages sitting in the valleys determine the atmosphere of the West Cserhát Blue Trail.


• In Katalinpuszta, it is worth visiting the headstone erected in memory of Pál Rockenbauer.

• On the Naszály, we can make a small detour to the Násznép Cave.

• Above Becske, on the Csiga Mountain is the Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa, which is not only visually interesting, but also adds something new to our journey with its atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

Section lengths from stamp to stamp (in kilometers)

Nógrád 4.4 Lokó-pihenő 3.9 Magyarkút 6.7 Katalinpuszta 13.8 Ősagárd 6.7 Felsőpetény 4.4 Alsópetény 7 Romhány 2.8 Kétbodony 10.3 Becske

Recommended intermediate embarkation and disembarkation points along the route

• Magyarkút (OKTPH_85_1): Magyarkút railway stop

• Szendehely (OKTPH_86_1, OKTPH_86_2): Szendehely, primary school bus stop

• Ősagárd (OKTPH_87_1, OKTPH_87_): Ősagárd, Rákóczi street 51. and Ősagárd, doctor's office bus stops

• Felsőpetény (OKTPH_88): Felsőpetény, co-op liquor store bus stop

• Alsópetény (OKTPH_89_1, OKTPH_89_2): Alsópetény, village hall bus stop

• Romhány (OKTPH_90_1, OKTPH_90_2): Romhány, railway station and Romhány railway station entrance road bus stops

• Kétbodony (OKTPH_91): Kétbodony, village hall bus stop

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