2 February 2020

Budapest Mangalica Festival

The event will take place between 7 and 9 February, 2020.

The culinary celebration will be held for the thirteenth time this year and has now earned itself a national publicity and we are pleased to say that the event is also a "traveling circus" visiting the larger cities of our beautiful country.

The event is free of charge and its real value is to start a kind of fair trade movement. Visitors can directly meet small-scale producers and breeders from all over the country and most often buy the product from those who made it thus everyone's better off eliminating the commercial chains. Besides the excellent products, the organizers await the guests with programs, children's programs, roasted pigs, hot mangalica dishes, fine Hungarian wines and palinka. A cooking competition at this event is also necessary!

Only the final product from the stock - controlled by the National Association of Mangalica Breeders (MOE) - may be present at the event and its professional supervision is guaranteed by the association.

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