1 March 2020

Bomo Art Budapest - where everything is unique

A paper manufactory offering fabulous self-designed wrapping papers, diaries, booklets, calligraphic tools, stationery and inks, drawing books and postcards, 3d paper globes, kaleidoscopes, notepads and many more special products since 1997. Come and look around! When your chosen gift is wrapped in such a unique, fabulous wrapping paper, we make the event and the celebrated one even more special.

Bomo Art Stationery is proud to introduce its new store, Bomo Art Petit. Along with the shops at Régiposta street and the Várkert Bazaar, this is the tiniest but at the same time the usual wonderful selection can be found here in huge quantities.

The tiny paper shop is located in Síp Street, next to Gozsdu udvar and even though the shop is only 12 square meters, but its specialty is that you can customize your newly purchased diary, booklet - with the Kingsley font embossing machine you can select a short text from the font - e.g. monogram - and they can imprint it into the leather binding on the spot.


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