3 November 2023

Bank Center Lobby

Two of Zsombor Barakonyi’s works, Diamond Breakthrough and Wall Street at Dawn can be viewed in the Lobby of Bank Center from 14 November 2023. 

„I express my personal experiences of urban life through my own distinctively characteristic approaches as a painter.  My work centres on “the city as a way of life”.

I base my paintings on my own photos, which – rather than focusing on the unique – aim to accentuate general characteristics and to capture the cosmopolitan quality and unique timelessness of urban living.

I have developed my own painting technique, which I refer to as “box painting”.This entails using a three-dimensional, object-like wooden box as an image medium, on which – instead of utilizing traditional painting techniques – I apply motifs with such tools as blades, stencilled-masked surfaces, sprays and rubber rollers.  The image surface emerges from a superimposition of paint layers, which requires conscious and planned artistic work.” – Zsombor Barakonyi

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