4 April 2024

April book recommendation

On the occasion of Earth Day and National Poetry Day, choose from the below recommendations in April.

Venetia Dunlop: Moments of Movement

Exercise without even knowing it! Short body maintenance movements to do throughout the day at all the times when you have a moment. You will be surprised how often that is! Including facts for thought.


Holly Farrell: The Kew Gardener’s Guide to Growing Herbs

The use of herbs and spices is extremely versatile: we can consume their seeds, flowers or leaves, we can make tea from them, and we can also find them in ice cubes and cocktails. From this useful, richly illustrated manual, we can learn how to create our own herb garden and how to use our herbs and spices in almost every area of ​​our lives.

With the help of experts from the world-famous English Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew Gardens), Holly Farrell describes in detail the cultivation, harvesting and the most varied ways of use of 77 herbs and spices, from green roofs to homemade pesto.

Anke Schmidt: Takarítsunk okosabban

Let's clean with a clear conscience!

Is eco-friendly cleaning possible? What kind and how much cleaning supplies do we really need? Influencer Anke Schmidt, alias @wasteless_hero, gives useful advice and ideas to make our home clean, yet environmentally friendly with little effort, while saving time and money.

The book gives environmentally conscious tips for keeping every room in the apartment clean;

- it recommends self-made cleaning and detergent recipes;

- it helps to plan the process of efficient cleaning;

- it includes a downloadable spot cleaning chart and cleaning plan.

Anke Schmidt lives in Cologne with her family of four, using as little plastic and waste as possible in an environmentally friendly way. She has been working as an independent sustainability expert for several years. She gives lectures and workshops, is a consultant to companies and institutions, shares her knowledge on various social media platforms, and gives interviews on German TV channels (such as WDR and ZDF).

Az év versei 2024

Our popular anthology is now being published for the twenty-third year, which is the basic volume of the extremely successful Poetry Marathon, which will be held on the 11th of April, National Poetry Day. It presents the best of Hungarian literary life to the readers. This representative collection is made with the same care and love as the winemaker selects the grapes one by one. The volume offers a high-quality, versatile selection of the past years’ best poems, based on the publications of roughly forty Hungarian periodicals in Hungary and abroad. This year, 92 poets appear in the volume, the eldest is 93-year-old György Czigány, and the youngest is 19-year-old Zita Kubina.

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