2 May 2020

Garden tips related to planting, pruning, plant care

We are in the fifth month of the year, which is the favourite period for most of us. Everything is blooming, turning green and we can say goodbye to the last frosty nights. At the same time pests and pathogens are working full steam ahead. Let’s see what to do in the garden during May.

  • after ice saints, all frost-sensitive flowers can be taken outdoors
  • it’s time to sow annual flowers, such as snapdragons, marigold, garden cosmos, sunflower
  • re-sowing or replacing the lawn with seed among old grass - spring feeding of the lawn
  • container perennials, like other container plants can be planted safely from now on or even later
  • leave the bulbous flowers to retract and remove only the withered leaves. Only this way will it have enough strength to bloom next year
  • sensitive potted plants can be brought out of their wintering grounds, such as bottlebrush flowers, bougainvillea or oleander

A few words about the oleander

One of the loveliest exotic flowering plants in Hungary is the oleander, which can be a brilliant decoration for gardens, terraces or even the balconies of condominiums. Below are a few hints on how to make our oleander bloom beautifully this year. 

One of the biggest influencing factors of the flourishing of oleanders is its wintering. The ideal place for it is a cool, dark, humid place, but even then do not forget to keep the base moist. 

Oleanders are extremely nutritious and water-intensive plants and only beautify in the hottest sun. 

It is essential to prune the plant every two years.  In the absence of pruning, it will stretch high and our oleander will not be as abundant as we may expect.

Joyful gardening!

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