4 May 2020

What to read? - literature recommendation

These days we are given the opportunity to read more. Please see some recommendations in different genres.

Tamás Frei: Babel 

After the change of regime, the writer was one of the defining media personalities of the period and later he also conquered literature. His 2019 novel, Babel, once again topped the bestseller lists. Exciting, action-packed, habitually relevant and burningly topical. Terrorism cannot be stopped by a wire fence either. In the Babylonian chaos of modern migration anything is possible.

József Keresztesi: Croissant, or the big pudding chase 

This poetic fairy tale was written primarily for children but its entertaining twists and real literary inventions also impress adult readers. Graphic artist, Ildi Horváth animated Croissant, Blood Pudding, Sir Bonbon and the others in a way that makes your mouth water. After reading together, the family can make a cake together, which even the smallest ones will enjoy.

Edith Eva Eger: The choice

Dr. Edith Eva Eger was sixteen years old when the Nazis arrived in her hometown in Kassa (Hungary) and got deported to Auschwitz with her family. Edith and her sister survived the horrors and decided to forgive those who held her captive and enjoy life every day. Years after her release, she went to university, studied psychology and today she helps abused women and those struggling with post-traumatic stress, addiction or grief.

Tamás Náray: Last morning in Paris - my favorite French cake recipes

From the details of his book The Last Morning in Paris, we can get a taste of what the world-famous French fashion is like. Besides the 50 French sweets, we also get three recipes selected from Tamás Náray's Hungarian favorites. Caution: desserts and reading are addictive!

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