2 June 2020

Terrace experiences

Martini Terazza 

Formerly known as the ‘Hütte’ the place is a real oasis in the middle of Budapest, among the green trees of Szabadság Square. They await their guests in one of the most beautiful parts of downtown Budapest with breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention an endless line of gin & tonics, Martini cocktails. It’ s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a friendly breakfast, lunch or even an afternoon refreshment on a workday. In the middle of the city, yet away from the bustle, there is a line of pleasant services and delicious food. It’s definitely worth a try!



KIOSK Budapest awaits its guests for lunch, after work relaxation, dinner, wine, meeting friends or just a little weekend dancing. All this can be found in the heart of the city in a wonderful panoramic environment, at the foot of the Elisabeth Bridge (March 15 Square). If you are still afraid of visiting community places and live in districts V-VI-VII-VIII-IX-XIII or in Buda, you can use our online ordering service #KIOSKdelivery: kiades.kiosk-budapest.hu. The KIOSK team delivers your package to your home!



Strudel House

The Strudel House in Hungary is in the heart of Budapest, on the corner of Arany János Street and Október 6. Street started its operation in 2007 in a monument building built in 1812.  They consider it their mission to preserve, perpetuate and promote this true Hungarian tradition, the experience of making and consuming strudel to enrich its guests with gastronomic adventures that have history and value. Based on an original recipe and many years of experience, using the purest ingredients, high-gluten Hungarian flour, handiwork, these magnificent delicacies are made in an authentic environment so visiting guests can experience what we owe to Hungarian wheat and the matchless cooking processes so difficult to master. Strudel House believes that quality and content are essential in all areas of life.



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