3 June 2020

Mr. Fruit

Mr. Fruit Delicates’ mission is to bring us the best quality vegetables, fruits, wine, chocolate, and other specialty foods from around the worldMr. Fruit has been a premium fruit and vegetable wholesale for 26 years but travelling around the world, the owners have also been dreaming of a nice retail unit and today more than 3,500 kinds of products are offered by Mr. Fruit Delicates retail stores. In 10 years, the small greengrocer turned into 2 premium delicatessen stores, which is clearly due to the continuous improvements and attention. Anyone who knows the owners, is familiar with the fact that the shelves are full to the brim and the supply is always renewed. 

Their latest development is their newly opened web shop. Thanks to this development, the high-quality products are also available from our homes. Fruits and vegetables are only placed in our package after expert quality control.  In order to have enough time for the quality control, daily orders are limited. The company delivers the order with its own courier service, making the purchase more personal. They have managed to establish direct contact with their customers in the past month and 87% of their clientele is already an active and returning online shopper in Mr. Fruit’s web store, which is an outstanding statistic in web sales. 

„Our family has been dealing with fruit and vegetable wholesale for 25 years. Products come from almost every part of the world and we have been to many places to purchase them. Our favorite pastime is exploring premium convenience stores. We fell in love with the "jewelry boxes" with good atmosphere, good energy and full of special products and we decided to create a similar one in Hungary. We are proud of our home-made fruit juices and fruit salads!”

Product groups:



freshly prepared juices

fresh fruit salads

alcohol free drinks


sugars and sweeteners


spices, ingredients

cereals, muesli, muesli slices

meat products, fish

coffee, tea, cocoa

canned food


oils and vinegars

baked goods and flours




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