4 June 2020

What to read? - literature recommendation

John M. Gottman: “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”

John M. Gottman is one of the world's best-known psychologists and a leading expert in the field of relationships in the United States. He has been doing follow-up research involving hundreds of couples for decades, which means that it is enough to watch a couple's communication for 15 minutes to tell with 91% accuracy whether their relationship will be lasting and satisfied or whether they will separate. Thanks to his research, we are not only aware of what will ruin a relationship, but also of what makes it work well and how to make it better and stronger. source: May 2020 bookline


Omid Scobie - Carolyn Durand: Finding freedom. Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family

When news of the romance between the British royal prince and the American actress popped up, the world paid much attention to them and the media followed the events with increased interest. Although, we keep reading the cover stories about the Prince and Princess of Sussex - about their engagement, their wedding, the birth of their son Archie, and then their unprecedented decision to break up with the royal court - few know the true story of Harry and Meghan. 

Scobie and Durand did interviews with the people closest to the couple, so Finding Freedom, a uniquely honest, close and disarming portrait of a confident, influential, revolutionary - minded couple who was not afraid to break with tradition. They are determined to live farther away from the spotlight, leaving behind a unique humanitarian heritage around the world.


Edith Eva Eger: The Gift

The author’s new guide with inspiring and practical advice will help us get rid of our destructive patterns and crippling thoughts and thus enjoy life freely. 

Edith Eva Eger’s overwhelming first book, The Choice, portrays how the author survived the concentration camp, how she processed its trauma and how she was able to become free in spirit as well. Thousands of readers from all over the world wrote to Edith Eva Eger to tell her how much they were affected by The Choice, how she helped process their past and their pain and at the same time asked the author to write an even more practical volume. 

With „The Gift”, Eger provides its readers a handbook encouraging us to change all the thoughts and behaviors that have bound us in the past. Using examples from her own and her patients’ lives, she writes about a thought-provoking question in each chapter. In her volume of deep empathy, insight and humor, the author points out that we are all vulnerable and all face the same challenges. „The Gift” encourages and helps us break out of our self-built prison, process our traumas and enjoy life.

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