3 July 2020

Wonders of Hungary

The Tarcal mine and the statue of the Blessing Christ

The Tokaj wine region - located at the crossing of the Zemplén Mountains and the Great Plain - deservedly attracts Hungarian and foreign visitors with its beautiful surroundings. The place has been producing wine for centuries and thanks to this, tourism has also flourished greatly in this region. Of course, this does not mean that there is nothing to see other than grapes and wineries. Actually, the hilly environment and the 27 settlements provide plenty of natural and cultural attractions for those who come here. 

Let’s start with the Tarcal mine and from there, walk up to the statue of the Blessed Christ.  The interesting thing about the statue is that it consists of five granite blocks, which - with a height of 8.5 meters and a weight of almost 50 tons - is the largest granite statue depicting Jesus in Europe, which by the way, looks wonderful in the Tarcal sunset.



Szarvas, Mini Hungary model park

You can roam between nearly a hundred famous Hungarian and former historical Hungarian buildings in the countries’ only interactive park, the Mini Hungary model park and in the largest arboretum of Hungary, in Szarvas. In the geometric center of historical Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, our history comes to life in Szarvas. The park, rich in detail, made with special technology - offers not only a breathtaking view, but also an interactive experience.



Prédikálószék - the most beautiful panoramic view over the Danube Bend 

Not only the Danube Bends’, but one of Hungary’s most beautiful panoramas can be seen from the highest point of the Visegrád Mountains.The lookout tower, handed over in the autumn of 2016, offers a breathtaking semicircular panorama of the Danube Bend and although, as far as the view is concerned Prédikálószék is very unique, as from the three-storey lookout tower one can see all the way to Csóványos and even further.The lookout also serves as a thematic exhibition: it presents legends, stories and scenes from the lives of Hungarian kings.Szent Mihály Hill, separated from the Visegrád Mountains by the Danube and in the backgroundthe Börzsöny, rising up to the Csóványos and the closeness of the Danube together trace out such height differences that we feel we are above land when standing on Prédikálószék. The slope of the volcanic crater, formerly more than 1,300 meters high, has slipped, a huge amount of material collapsed, tracing out our present-day Visegrád Valley. The 639-meter peak can be visited on several routes, depending on our physical condition and whether we feel like exploring the fabulous landscape on a longer hike.

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Wonders of Hungary


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