3 September 2020

Theater performances in Budapest - September

Katona József Theater: Prince Myshkin

Main character: Péter Takátsy 

Based on a Dostoevsky novel. 
Switzerland. Prince Myshkin looks back at his life in the sanatorium. The ideas of purity, naivety and kindness dissolve in the reality of a corrupt world. 

Péter Takátsy’s monodrama looks at classical differently, his animated figures shade Myshkin’s personality more and more, bringing Dostoevsky’s hero even closer.

source: katonajozsefszinhaz.hu

Performances: http://www.katonajozsefszinhaz.hu/42829-miskin-herceg?desktop=1

Central Theater: Pride and Prejudice - two actors

Main characters: Móni Balsai, Zoltán Schmied

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most beautiful love novels in world literature, remaining popular to this day.The secret to success lies in Jane Austen's sometimes intricately enigmatic and sometimes in her ridiculous characters– who remain charmingly human all along.

Performances: https://centralszinhaz.jegyx1.hu/eloadas/436/buszkeseg-es-balitelet-ket-szineszre

Thalia Theater: Murder on the Orient Express

Main characters: Tibor Szervét, Csaba Pindroch 

Detective Poirot is looking forward to a comfortable homeward journey on the legendary Orient Express.Unfortunately, there is someone among the elegant travelers who is very suspicious. So suspicious that he died. The murderer is among us, ladies and gentlemen and one victim may not be enough. Snow blockages, screams, shots. It’s okay to be scared, but there’s no getting off.

Performances: http://www.thalia.hu/index.php/main/program/gyilkossag-az-orient-expresszen_3338

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