4 September 2020

September book review

Phil Knight - Shoe Dog – Bestsellers

The autobiography of the legendary brand’s founder. 

He imported good quality, cheap running shoes from Japan, which he sold from the trunk of his car.In the first year in 1963, it generated $8,000 sales - today Nike has annual revenues of more than $30 billion and has become one of the most innovative and valuable brands, innovations which they are trying to copy worldwide.

source: konyvmoly.hu

Oscar Wilde - The Happy Prince - Libri Pocketbooks

Oscar Wilde, “the king of life” - as he called himself - was more compassionate than real kings.The basic idea of his tales was inspired by compassion; compassion for the poor, the disabled, the victims of love. The landscapes, cities, kingdoms, magicians and merchants of fairy tales are as if the world of the Thousand and One Nights came to life again from the pen of the last century’s English writer.

Ljudmila Ulickaja - A lélek testéről – Libri

In Ljudmila Ulickaja’s new narratives, the ordinary and the inexplicable are inseparably intertwined.Its heroes are aging, lonely figures, who try to settle their conflicts before they die and are suspicious if they are given another chance in life. A wife who is only willing to eat apples after she is left, a mother who searches for a foreign husband in the park for her daughter, a draughtsman who finds new love in the last minute,a bibliographer whose words slowly fall out of his memory. Ulickaja draws their portraits with endless empathy and matchless insight into human nature, her stories comforting and disturbing at the same time.


Ferenc Pál - A függőségtől az intimitásig – Vágy, élmény, kapcsolat - Libri

What makes an encounter intimate and a relationship sincere? How is an intimate relationship different from co-dependency? Is it really true that someone needs more intimacy while others need less?How is it possible that we can desire and be afraid of it at the same time?We can get answers to these and many other important questions from this exciting book.

Ferenc Pál. He achieved his first successes as a national team athlete: at the age of twenty, still as a junior, he became an adult Hungarian high jumper champion.After an adventurous spiritual search and completing his theological studies, he was ordained a priest in 1996 in Esztergom. He has been leading self-knowledge groups for more than a decade, among others within the framework of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association.

source: Libri

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