2 October 2020

Autumn exhibitions

Bodies 2.0

The exhibition vividly conveys our knowledge of the human body in a unique, impressive and dignified environment.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about all the organs that are responsible for thinking, breathing or moving and the “highways” of the circulatory system that keep the engine in motion. Bodies preserved by the plastination process are a relatively new method of preservation in which water and lipids are removed from the body and then replaced with liquid plastic, which, after solidification forms a solid, durable anatomical pattern.


World Press Photo 2020

The exhibition in Budapest is welcoming the public at the Hungarian National Museum for the third time this year from September 24 to October 25, 2020. 

World Press Photo is one of the noisiest photography events in the world every year.

Thousands enter the competition and in total, more than four million view the photographs of the traveling exhibition. The 151 images of the exhibition were selected by the international jury from 73,996 photos. The traveling exhibition is viewed by more than four million visitors in 120 locations worldwide. The exhibition held at the Hungarian National Museum in the last two years was the second most visited in the world. This year there is a Hungarian winner again. Esther Horvath received first prize in the environment category.


360 Design Budapest! - World-class designers in the leading role

Participants can learn about contemporary masterpieces and special products of the design industry through online and offline exhibitions, live and virtual tours. Works of defining Hungarian designers will be presented and in small group guided tours it is possible to gain a unique insight into the spirit and value of Hungarian design objects.


38th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition

The press photo exhibition has been the best occasion of remembrance for nearly four decades. Through the works of photojournalists, we can see and recall the most important political events, sad and cheerful events of the previous year and appearing with an increasing emphasis are the global and local environmental changes. We can recall outstanding sports competitions and results, we can recapture the most memorable cultural events and we are again confronted with the often distressing, unresolved social problems but we can also be pleased when the images report of an improvement in the situation.


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