3 March 2021

National Blue Trail route / Part III.

Dobogókő - Visegrád, ferry 24.7 km

From Dobogókő we head east on the mountain ridge. We pass behind the Hotel Nimród building, then descend to the narrow asphalt road leading under the mountain ridge. Soon we will see the building of the ski house designed by Imre Makovecz. We walk past it and before we reach the upper end of the ski slope, we turn right onto a dirt road that branches off from the asphalt road.

Following the sign, we head on the Öreg-vágás Mountain, then descend steeply into the valley of the Bükkös stream and reach the northwest corner of the Sikárosi meadow. We continue our hike to the southeast.  For a while our path goes along the red sign, then after the blue one turns to the left at the end of the meadow, we reach the Szilágyi Bernát spring. We soon leave the forest and reach another part of the Sikárosi meadow. From here, the Sikárosi forester’s lodge is the direction where we certify with the OKK stamp placed on the tree in front of the building.

After the Lenkó monument, we turn into the valley of the Bükkös stream. We pass the former children's camp, then cross a small bridge over the Bükkös stream. At the next junction, the blue turns left, from here we reach the mountain ridge before Pilisszentlászló and then the village. There are three places where we can stamp in the village: at the gate of the Kis Rigó Restaurant, at the entrance of the Gesztenyés grocery store and at the Janošikova Pub. If we choose the latter, we have to make a small detour to Béke street (about 90 m).

From the main square we continue on Honvéd street, we leave the houses. The slope of the handrail only eases in the saddle of Rózsa Mountain. We cross the ridge of Szent László Mountain and then begin a long descent. At the edge of the forest, we catch a glimpse of the Pap-meadow forester’s lodge, with the stamp box on the fence of the house. After verification, we cut through the crossing of the forest asphalt roads and soon pass the Pálócki meadow.

We arrive at a road junction. Turning left, we follow the sign, passing among blackberry bushes. We arrive at the steeply sloping east side of Urak asztala. We descend briefly to the Vízverés saddle clearing and from here we climb to the hillside of Őr-hegy, at the end of which we reach a lookout point. We start to descend all the way to the saddle of the Visegrád Gate, where we turn onto the dirt road, then we reach the Sóstó meadow with a small rising gradient. From there, we go to the wooded top of Fekete Mountain, then reach the huge parking lot in the saddle of Nagy-Villám. You reach the stamping places with a small detour. You can choose between the main entrance of the Nagy-Villám restaurant or the door of the Zsitvay lookout tower at the peak.

Continuing on, we soon reach the parking lot of the Visegrád citadel. Next to the start of the ramp leading to the gate of the citadel, we see the pathway leading down the mountain on the left. Turning on this path, we arrive in Visegrád after an approximately twenty-minute descent. On Rév street we go down to main road 11 running on the banks of the Danube and then we cross it on an underpass below it. At the ferry, at the port access, you will find the stamp box on the terrace of the cash register. Here we can take a ferry to continue our journey on the other side from Nagymaros.

source: https://kektura.hu/okt16.html

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