1 January 2021

Everyday yoga and special Iyengar exercises

Every person desires to live in harmony with themselves and their environment. These days, however, we have to meet increasing expectations in many areas of life, both physically and mentally. As a result, more and more people are afflicted by physical and mental tensions such as stress, nervousness, sleep disorder and many people are suffering from the consequences of unilateral physical exertion and lack of exercise. Thus, nowadays the methods and techniques by which we can achieve lasting good health and physical, mental and spiritual harmony are of particular importance. The “Yoga in Everyday Life” system provides a comprehensive way to help ourselves.

The word “yoga” is of Sanskrit origin, it means: connection, unification. Yoga creates the balance of body, mind, consciousness and soul. In this way, yoga helps to solve, overcome everyday trials, problems and worries. With yoga, we get closer to self-knowledge, to a higher level of understanding the meaning of our lives and our relationship with God. 

In India, risiks (the wise and saints) have been researching the secrets of nature and the universe in their meditations for thousands of years. They deciphered the laws of the material and the spiritual world, gaining insight into the correlations of the universe. They discovered the laws of the elements of the cosmos and nature, the operation of earthly life, the forces and energies of the universe, both at the level of the outside world and on a spiritual level. In the Vedas they already described and explained the unity of substance and energy, the origin of the universe, the operation of the forces of nature. Modern science has rediscovered and justified quite a few of these findings.

The goals of the "Yoga in Everyday Life" system:

• physical health

• mental health

• social health

Gabriella Beregszászi, Iyengar yoga instructor, awaits her guests who aspire physical and mental harmony in the Manipura Yoga Studio in Érd. 

The focus of Iyengar yoga is on anatomical accuracy, the correct execution of the poses, the longer endurance, the importance of the order of the poses and the sequencing.

Use of equipment - rope wall, cylinder cushion, strap, brick, blanket, chair, etc. - help the body, which may be less mobile at the beginning, to take up certain poses and later it helps with understanding and development.

You can find out more about Gabriella Beregszászi and her classes on the following link:


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