2 November 2021

Fall programs

Gerhard Richter: Truth in Semblance

The Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery is hosting an exhibition of works by the world-renowned contemporary German master Gerhard Richter. The exhibition can be viewed until 14 November. The specialty of the exhibition entitled Gerhard Richter. Truth in Semblance is that for the first time in Hungary visitors can view a large-scale, comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s oeuvre, representing each period of his career. The nearly eighty works on display arrive to Budapest from Hungarian and international public and private collections.  Among the eighty works are four larger, multi-part series, making it a total of around two hundred works awaiting visitors. 

Last year the almost ninety-year-old artist announced that he had finished his painter oeuvre, but did not put off with his work altogether: for example, he made a series of twenty drawings for the Budapest exhibition, which welcomes visitors in the first hall of the exhibition.

Kinga Bódi, curator of the exhibition, pointed out that Gerhard Richter is a versatile, sensitive, often self-ironic artist who cannot be classified in any style, so in the oeuvre the exhibition does not progress in chronological order, but along themes.


Vegan Sunday Market

The community vegan market awaits you at the Stifler House on 14 November.

At the fall market you can buy vegan cheese specialties, cakes, sandwiches, chili sauces, artisan vegan soaps, creams and toiletries, zero waste products, dried fruit blocks, seedy slices, vegan candies, raw cakes, fine syrups, smoothies, savory appetizers, delicacies.

Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit

Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit is an event of the Visegrad Countries concerned with sustainable development. It aims to raise awareness of adverse environmental, social and economic practices among the general public, especially the youth, and to show that these negative changes, which overshadow the future of humankind are still reversible.

The event will take place between 29 November and 5 December 2021 at Hungexpo, with public programmes starting from 30 November.  Planet Budapest 2021 will line up a number of professional exhibitors from the Visegrad Countries, who can promote the sustainable development through their technological developments, innovative products and services. The event will also offer spectacular, entertaining and informative activities, providing a comprehensive view of nature, our way of life and the processes that surround us, offering tangible solutions for sustainable everyday life.

Planet Budapest 2021 is built around the following four thematic areas:

Your Planet // Interactive Public Programmes about Sustainability

The educational experience center presents solutions that allow viewers to have a glimpse of a possible future, experience what our towns, apartments, communities, or energy supply would look like in a sustainable world and learn the basics of responsible consumption and the importance of creating sustainable food supplies.

Nature-Friendly Development // Sustainability Expo 

From start-ups to large companies, all business people offering new solutions for a more liveable future in favour of sustainability will have the opportunity to exhibit.

Heroes of the Future // Youth Programme about Sustainability

The event offers a leisure programme for elementary and secondary school students between the ages of 10 and 16, in which the dissemination of knowledge and fun go hand in hand. 

The Universe of Sustainability // Summit

Heads of state and government, decision-makers, well-known experts of international organizations and the representatives of the scientific and business world will discuss topics such as sustainable water management, food production, energy and waste management, and transport.



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