3 November 2021

National Blue Trail route / part XI

distance: 72.1 km, journey time: 18 hours 40 minutes

The second is the longest lowland section of the National Blue Trail. Basically, the whole tour is on flat terrain, we only have to overcome the ascent in the vicinity of Kemeneshát. We walk through a series of small settlements in the long, flat area of ​​the Little Plain, which await explorers with lots of cultural monuments.

Leaving the historical center of Sárvár - rich in spas and the lakes - an asphalt road guides us outside the city. From then on, we wander among the plains and vast forests. The volcanoes of the Little Plain line up on the horizon; buried under our feet, in some places we can discover geological traces of former volcanic activity.

Going along Mária út, touching small forest chapels we reach Gérce. In the nationally famous Farkaserdő, two educational trails invite us to a short detour to tell us about the wildlife surrounding us. We pass two forest houses before reaching Káld.

We reach the resort center of the Szajki Lakes through Hosszúpereszteg, where fishing, swimming and the tranquility of the waterfront tempt us to stay at the long stretch of lake system. Approaching Sümeg, we see the Castle Hill, which is also the first scene of the start of our mountain adventures, the tour of the Bakony.


The main attractions of the route include the Sárvár Castle with the Nádasdy Museum, the arboretum, the boating lake, the spa and the volcanology nature trail in Kissomlyó.

Attractions with a small detour are Sitke Castle, Káld-hidegkút Chapel, Borgáta thermal bath, Szajki Lakes and much more!

Section lengths from stamp to stamp (in kilometers)

Sárvár 12.3 Gérce 2.5 Rózsákerti eh. 4.7 Hidegkút hunting lodge 6.6 Káld 10.9 Hosszúpereszteg 5.8 Szajki forestry house 15.1 Ötvös 8 Kisvásárhely 6.2 Sümeg

Recommended intermediate embarkation and disembarkation points along the route

• Gérce (OKTPH_10_1, OKTPH_10_2): Gérce, library or Gérce, bus-waiting room bus stops

• Káld (OKTPH_13_1, OKTPH_13_2): Káld, pusztalánc street bus stop

• Hosszúpereszteg (OKTPH_14): Hosszúpereszteg, school; Hosszúpereszteg, bus waiting room; Hosszúpereszteg, Hunyadi Street bus stops

• Szajk (OKTPH_15): Szajki lakes bus stop

• Kisvásárhely (OKTPH_17): Kisvásárhely, bus turnabout

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