9 November 2019

Bence Máté's world famous Hungarian nature photography exhibition on the renewed Podmaniczky Square

World famous Hungarian nature photographers’, Bence Máté’s unique outdoor exhibition tour can be viewed in several cities of Hungary in 2019. Also known as the "invisible nature photographer", the artist will be giving lectures to fans and enthusiasts everywhere. Between November 9, 2019 and January 5, 2020, a large outdoor exhibition of Bence Máté's life work can be visited free of charge on the renovated Podmaniczky Frigyes Square at Arany János Street subway station. For lovers of nature and nature photography there are 15 backlit screens with 623 photos, which was selected by the author himself from the last twenty years’ imagery. The 15 pairs of panels illuminated at dusk are grouped by colour and theme. The creator's unconcealed intention is to draw attention to the importance of nature conservation and values that can still be protected. Perhaps Bence Máté nature photographer needs less introducing to the public.  With his works, the artist has conquered all continents and is ranked number one on all BBC Photo Contest rankings as the most successful contestant and he is also the only one to be awarded the Oscar for Nature Photographers in both the youth and adult fields. There will also be a lecture at each venue of the exhibition, where the audience will learn about the circumstances in which the photos were taken and the adventures during their travels. He said there were photos, which didn't need much preparation, he just took his camera and clicked, however there were others when he needed to go back to the site 42 times in order to capture the animal photos.

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