4 March 2020

March 15th

A little historical overview

The Revolution and War of Independence of 1848/49 was one of the most important series of events in Hungarian history. Heroes and patriots such as Lajos Kossuth, Sándor Petőfi or János Damjanich fought for a free, self-determined, new Hungary. Their battle in 1849 won a victory over Austria. However, the fight ended in defeat because of the overpower of Russian intervention. We will never forget the history of our greatest, those who are among the most prominent in Hungarian history.

Colourful events are also expected on March 15 at the following venues

In the Castle

A fair at Dísz square from 9 am to 6 pm is taking place, while the Várkert Bazaar will host craft activities, music and dance programs, followed by a literary evening. At the equestrian statue of János Hunyadi we can pet horses, at the statue of St. Stephen traffic safety games can be played, while at the statue of András Hadik they are preparing with folk music and folk dance. There will be concerts and children's programs from 10 a.m. on Trinity square, and at Táncsics Prison you can participate in various quizzes and craft classes.

In the Museum Garden from 1 pm to 6 pm

Dance lessons, folk music concerts for children and adults, music on the Museum Boulevard, Hungarian delicacies at the market – focus on Hungarian products. Horse petting and pony rides in the Museum Garden. Handicraft for children and adults, permanent and temporary exhibitions with hourly guided tours at the National Museum.

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