19 July 2019

New sports center in Vadász utca

As a major government investment, the rebuilding of the property at 30th Vadász Street will create a new, contemporary sports centre in Budapest. The Municipality's primary goal is to serve visitors at all levels of the facility as a true community building, creating space for many sports. In addition to providing recreational sports and other community events for district residents and district employees, providing space for physical education for the students visiting the surrounding schools is one of the stated goals.

The Municipality of the 5th District had a clear intention when designing the sports centre to turn the building into a low-energy "green house": it will have its own thermal fountain, as well as a rooftop solar panel and larger green area. During the drilling work, thermal water was found at 800 meters, which is suitable for bathing, heating and water heating as well.

Due to its multifunctional character, the facility will be open for all age groups, providing activities for fitness, climbing and swimming. On the ground floor, there will be the community area; below that level the water sports and leisure facilities (swimming pool, wellness area) will be found. Above the ground floor the basketball and soccer field, gym, fitness and leisure facilities will be built. On top of the building a roof terrace will provide space for relaxation.

Expected opening date: 2020

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